Reasons To Come To BizarroCon

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Meet other writers, editors, and readers of bizarro fiction. Make new friends. Pitch ideas to editors. Since the convention is small (80-120 people) you’ll have a good chance to get to know pretty much everyone.

15800193_10211705555256924_1765921861584791658_o.jpg(BizarroCon 2016 Group Photo)


There will be many readings by bizarro authors at BizarroCon. If you like readings there will be plenty of them. If you don’t like readings, there are tons of other things to do around Edgefield. If you would like to give a reading, you will have the opportunity to sign up for your chance after you register. We’ll try to schedule you a slot, but no promises.

(Rose OKeefe, Cameron Pierce, Carlton Mellick III, Jeff Burk)

Workshops! Panels! Discussions!

All day Friday, there will be bizarro writing workshops and discussions on marketing and other important topics related to the business of bizarro writing. There will also be the meeting of the Bizarro Writer’s Association where we discuss the future of bizarro fiction. Come to BizarroCon and you will improve your skills as a bizarro writer and assist in the development of this burgeoning fiction movement.

(Mykle Hansen, Cody Goodfellow, Jeremy Robert Johnson, John Skipp)


Really, BizarroCon is just one giant 4-day party. There’s nothing more fun than drinking with a group of people who share the same passion as you do. This is where the weird impromptu events occur, such as pinky-wrestling tournaments, Prince Lemon dance-offs, and Kevin L. Donihe levitations.

(Carlton Mellick III, Jeff Burk, Patrick Wensink, Andrew Goldfarb, Zoe Welch, Sam Reeve, Garrett Cook)

The Bizarroest Hotel in the Northwest!

BizarroCon is at Edgefield Manor, one of the most interesting hotels in the country. It is a historical building that has been restored by McMenamins brewing company. The European style hotel has been described as a “Down the Rabbit Hole Experience,” which is a perfect place for BizarroCon and The Wonderland Book Awards. On the property, there is a brewery, winery, and distillery; there are 3 restaurants, 8 bars (including a whiskey and cigar bar), a pool hall, a movie theater, a 3-par golf course, a teahouse, a soaking pool, and a lot of surreal artwork covering the walls. At the center of BizarroCon is the Ad House, a private 6 bedroom house on the property that will act as BizarroCon headquarters. For more information, check out their website. Make reservations early, because rooms sell out fast. We have a block of rooms reserved, so tell them you’re with “BizarroCon.” If rooms are sold out before you get a chance to reserve one, try searching for other hotels in the area. There are many hotels within a mile away from Edgefield.

Hotel Bar

The Wonderland Book Awards!

Saturday night in the banquet hall will be the annual Wonderland Book Awards, honoring authors who have excelled in bizarro fiction. Eat a nice dinner as the winners of best bizarro novel and best bizarro story collection of 2017 are announced. Everyone attending BizarroCon will be allowed to vote for the winners of the Wonderland Book Awards. To vote, you must be registered for BizarroCon (this includes those registered for the Saturday-only pass). Voting begins July 1st and ends September 30th. Email your votes for best novel and best collection to Nominees in each category will be posted here soon. Last year’s winners were “I Will Rot Without You” by Danger Slater in the novel category and “Berzerkoids” by MP Johnson in the collection category.


The Ultimate Bizarro Showdown!

This is the biggest event at bizarrocon! After the Wonderland Book Awards Dinner, the banquet hall is transformed into Bizarro Thunderdome! 20 authors enter, only one leaves victorious. Each author gets 2 minutes to tell the weirdest story they can come up with to a drunk and impatient crowd. After 2 minutes, if the story entertains the audience enough they are allowed to continue. If their story fails they are fucking decapitated! The distinguished bizarro judges will choose the top three readers. Winners will receive fabulous prizes and bragging rights for a year. Hosted by Michael Allen Rose, the ultimate bizarro showdown is a showdown of ultimate awesomeness! If you’d like to sign up for this competition or have questions about the event, contact MichaelĀ at There are only a limited number of spots available, so sign up now.

(Andrew Goldfarb, Carlton Mellick III, Jeff Burk, Kevin L Donihe, Garrett Cook, Bradley Sands, Cameron Pierce, Kirsten Alene)


Cost of admission will give you three free meals: The Saturday morning breakfast buffet, the Sunday bizarro brunch, and the Saturday Night Wonderland Book Awards Banquet. The food is excellent. The company is even better! In addition to these bizarro eating events, the Edgefield Hotel contains a variety of restaurants from pizza to pub burgers to fine Northwest cuisine.

Bizarro Books!

BizarroCon will have the largest collection of bizarro books available for purchase. Never before have so many bizarro books been available in one place. Many of the titles will be on sale at the special convention price: 3 for $20.

(Patrick Wensink, Jason Wuchenich, James Beach)

Bizarro Beer!

Rose O’Keefe of Eraserhead Press is not only a bizarro publisher, she is also a micro-brewer of Bizarro Beer. Every BizarroCon, with the help authors Jason Rizos and Cameron Pierce, she brews up new batches of bizarro beer and names them after new bizarro book releases. Come to the book release party Friday night for a bunch of delicious freshly brewed bizarro beer as well as readings from the newest bizarro books.

(Chris Genoa, Cameron Pierce, Kevin L Donihe, John Skipp)

Basic summary of what to expect of the BizarroCon schedule:

THURSDAY: Thursday is mostly just about everyone arriving into town throughout the day. For those who are waiting around for everyone to show up, it is a chance to get to know the new people and a chance to explore the many bars at Edgefield. This is one of the most fun days of BizarroCon so we recommend showing up early in the day if possible. We might have a bizarro golf tournament, live music by bizarro authors, or the ritual cigar and whiskey session to break in the weekend. The night eventually ends in a party that goes on for much longer than it should.

FRIDAY: Friday is filled with writing workshops and round table discussions. This is the day we get down to business. We help each other improve our craft of writing bizarro fiction, we brainstorm new book marketing techniques, and we plan the future of the bizarro genre. All the important stuff. At night, there is the Eraserhead Press party, featuring homebrewed Bizarro Beer.

SATURDAY: This is the big day. There will be a breakfast in the morning and then there will be a series of readings and panels until 5pm. Bizarro books and beer will be available all day. Saturday night will be the Wonderland Book Awards Banquet, followed by the Ultimate Bizarro Showdown, then a party afterwards.

SUNDAY: Another breakfast. Readings and panels continue. There might be a dead dog party of some kind that night. This year there will be more reading and events on Sunday, so make sure to stay for the whole weekend!

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