Progress Update #1: Safety & Inclusion Committee

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Dear Community,

Recently we identified areas for growth and have been developing plans to address concerns and improve diversity and inclusivity at BizarroCon, Eraserhead Press and our online communities. In the spirit of accountability and transparency, I will be posting updates with our progress.

Over the past month, I have reorganized internal business at Eraserhead Press related to the staff and catalog changes I announced on Jan 28th. I have been meeting with people in the community privately and in small groups to discuss strategic plans related to the future and I have taken steps to encourage the formation of a new Bizarro Writers Association. I attended a training seminar for employers on Addressing Harassment in the Workplace and learned about further improvements that can be made to enhance our policies and gathered the resources necessary to help us implement them. And I have continued seeking counsel from my mentors, other community leaders, and legal advisors. It has been a productive time, but there is still much work to be done.

The next step is the creation of the BizarroCon Safety & Inclusion Committee. The role of the committee will be:

  • To determine and uphold best practices for safety, diversity & inclusivity for BizarroCon.
  • To provide tools and initiatives that support diversity and inclusion with the aim that all feel safe, empowered, respected and valued in our growing community.
  • To maintain our Anti-harassment Policy and make any necessary revisions on an ongoing basis as needed.
  • To create and enforce a clear and specific protocol for addressing any complaints associated with the security of our guests and the Anti-Harassment Policy.
  • To make recommendations regarding programming with respect to diversity and inclusion
  • To set guidelines for determining when someone is not welcome at our event and requesting that they do not attend.
  • To provide security during the event

I am seeking a group of volunteers (3-5 people) to participate in this committee. People whose education, perspectives, and experience enable them to provide vision, leadership and counsel on matters of diversity and inclusion and create a welcoming and respectful environment that promotes a culture of openness. I would like the committee to enroll in training and hold their first meeting this month. Please contact me at with the subject line: “Safety & Inclusion Committee” if you are interested in participating.

Thank you,
Rose O’Keefe
Director, BizarroCon